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15 September 2020


Windhoek variants Draught, Lager and Light achieved international gold standard at the 2016 Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (DLG) Quality Evaluation awards. This is the tenth year running that Windhoek Lager has been awarded Gold, a testament to its premium quality.

The DLG is an expert global organisation, with a leading test centre that excels in quality rating of the agricultural and food sectors.

Only beer brands that are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law of 1516 are allowed to participate. This law states that the only ingredients that can be used in the production of beer are water, barley and hops. The test criteria examines the quality of the product against taste, analytical and biological standards.

Christian Müller, Head Brewer of Windhoek Beer says, “Recognition by top level judging platforms such as DLG drives the team to continue delivering superior class products year-on-year. We are focused on remaining a leader of quality beer, locally and internationally. This award is confirmation that we are on the right track and that our efforts are being recognised.”

DLG awarded products have to undergo an extensive sensory analysis, which is completed by further laboratory tests. The DLG ‘stamp’ is an assurance of excellent taste and reassures consumers that all awarded products are produced in a high-quality manner.

“For us, this award validates our long held conviction that all our Windhoek beers are of a high-quality taste that our consumers have come to love and enjoy. We will continue to deliver to a great tasting beer that consistently delights our consumers”, said Anton Twigg, Windhoek Global Marketing Manager.

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