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25 November 2021

Namibia Breweries Places Its Limited Edition Windhoek Draught can Design Into The Hands of the People

Namibia Breweries Places Its Limited Edition Windhoek Draught can Design Into The Hands of the People

As a beer producer with its values firmly rooted in friendship, community, and pushing boundaries, we at Namibia Breweries Limited develop every one of its beer recipes for the palette of the people. Windhoek Draught is no exception.

To celebrate one of our most popular and enduring brews, we decided to create a limited edition packaging. As Windhoek Draught is a Namibian beer, we decided that we’d give the fans in Namibia a chance to co-create—and decide on—the limited edition 500ml Windhoek Draught can design.

Power to the people

Rather than settle on Windhoek Draught’s limited edition can design internally, we decided to build brand engagement and let the Namibian people that matter most decide—those who drink it.

Here’s what Windhoek Draught Brand Manager, Tasneem Klazen, has to say on the initiative:

“The insight that inspired this campaign was that Namibians feel a sense of ownership of their lifestyle brands. Windhoek Draught, being one of Namibia’s leading lifestyle brands, sought to offer Namibians an opportunity to express this sense of ownership by co-creating the brand’s first-ever limited edition can.”

So, we launched our call to action via our most engaged social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Using Facebook and Twitter to drive initial engagement, we launched our can design co-creation contest, guiding fans of the brand to an easy to use, specialist design portal to get creative and have their say on the Windhoek Draught can’s final look.

Namibians obliged in their masses with an astonishing 8,000 entries—a testament to the fact that Windhoek beer drinkers were as invested in the idea as ourselves.

The public chose 10 designs every week for six weeks based on an online voting system. From this initial wave of entries, we (in collaboration with the designers and voters) shortlisted our limited edition can co-creation entrants, leveraging the visual power of Instagram to increase brand awareness and give Windhoek-lovers an accessible platform for viewing, and voting for, their favourite designs.

The response was overwhelming, with every post or communication earning droves of social engagement as the head to head battle of the Limited Edition Windhoek Draught can design continued. To create extra brand-boosting buzz surrounding the contest, Gazza, our Windhoek Draught Brand Ambassador, who is also Namibia’s 2020 ‘Artist of the Decade’, amplified the posts through his personal social media channels throughout.

Here’s The Big Reveal

From the countless creative designs that ourselves and the Windhoek-loving people were privileged enough to connect with, a winner emerged (selected on 18th October 2021):



This glorious can was designed by Geraldo Du Toit: our creative competition winner who received legendary status for being the first Windhoek Draught Limited Edition can designer, while winning N$10,000 cash and a year’s free supply of Windhoek Draught.

Our limited edition Windhoek Draught 500ml can was available as long as stocks lasted in trade and is a triumph. This truly is a design, created by the people for the people.

 When you involve your consumers in choices that concern them and use the right platforms to connect people, everyone wins. In our case, Windhoek Draught reaped the rewards of extensive brand exposure and its fans were invited to the table. They got to play a part in the beers destiny and have their say—and they felt more valued for it. And, that’s priceless.

To find out more about Windhoek Beer and our revered range of beers, explore our inspiring story.

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