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Home of 100%
Pure Beer

When we first started brewing Windhoek Beer it was all done at the Felsenkellar (Cellar of Rock), on the corner of Sam Nujoma and Tal Street in the heart of Windhoek’s business district. For almost ninety years it served us proudly, but all good things come to an end an in 1986 work was completed on a new-state-of-the-art brewery. However, that was not the end for the beloved structure.

The Felsenkeller still stands on the same corner, its’ distinctive, classical colonial German architecture in stark contrast to its more mundane, modern, business counterparts. No longer a functional brewery, it is now home to a variety of arts and crafts shops, restaurants and bars.

The new brewery was built just outside of Windhoek and houses three bottling lines, a canning line and a keg line. Collectively, it has an impressive capacity of over 2.2 million hectolitres per year. It is here that Namibia’s renowned range of 100% Pure Beers are brewed and packaged.

“We will always brew our beer according to the Reinheitsgebot and it will always be crafted with the greatest care and dedication.”

Sven Thieme

Chairman, Namibia Breweries

Our commitment to sustainable production and green initiatives has seen several significant developments at the brewery. Chief among those is our 1.1 megawatt hybrid electricity system, which blends solar and diesel power, allowing us to operate almost completely independently of the grid. We have also invested in various water-saving initiatives which include our own boreholes, a water reclamation plant and a pre-treatment facility. Through these we are aiming for 70% – 80% self-sufficiency. Furthermore, following years of intensive research, we have begun growing our own barley, greatly reducing our dependence on imported produce.

As a leader in the domestic beer market, with a considerable share of the premium beer category in South Africa, we are dedicated to constant innovation and scrupulous investment in technology.

The future is yet to come, and it will undoubtedly usher in many changes, but there is one constant that never will. As the Chairman of Namibia Breweries Limited, Sven Thieme, put it, “It is always hard to make the changes, but the single most important element remains constant – we will always brew our beer according to the Reinheitsgebot and it will always be crafted with the greatest care and dedication.”

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