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Windhoek Beer
halts production...

In a bold show of no compromise.

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Based on true events

In the 1930s, we couldn’t get the quality ingredients we normally used to brew our 100% Pure Beer. We could’ve changed our recipe, or compromised on the quality of our ingredients, but we didn’t, because the quality of our beer is everything to us.

Almost 100 years ago, Hermann Ohlthaver and Carl List made a pact, when they started the Windhoek Brewery: If they were going to brew beer, they would only brew the very best 100% Pure Beer. No compromise.

They were passionate about their dream, and knew the beer they wanted to produce would only be as good as the ingredients they used. So they crossed the ocean in search of the finest barley and hops available, and brought them back to what was then South-West Africa.

The two friends truly loved beer. It was this passion that formed the foundation of the Windhoek breweries philosophy: 100% Pure Beer, or nothing. That's why, when they couldn’t get the quality ingredients. Rather than going back on their pact, and compromising on the quality of their beer, they chose to stop brewing.

Windhoek Beer.

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